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Yes, I have a football/soccer problem. In particular WoSo. USWNT, Arsenal Ladies, and Bayern München Frauen. The latter initially because they are *closest* to my home town, now because I become to like the team, players, and their long term approach.

Just got a call from the communications department of US Soccer - I really appreciate them reaching out and actually making a transatlantic phone call. Summary in bullet points:

Why no TV coverage or live-stream?

* Broadcasting windows of the different TV stations (Fox Soccer, ESPN, NBC Sport) did not work out for Saturday.

* Happy that they were able to get 9 out of the 10 games on TV

* Stream did not work out as they are stretched personnel wise

* Tribute Tour put together in a very short time 

Plans on facing any European teams in 2013 (in particular before the Euros)?

* decision of the new head coach 

* what makes sense time (FIFA calendar; new league) and location wise (abroad or at home)

* still looking for games for the summer and fall

Fire away! There is enough in there that makes you raise your eye brow

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    Stretched personnel wise is a cop out in my opinion. It’s not like there is a MNT game going on around the same time.
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    Thanks for the update! I want to also thank everyone who attempted to contact affiliates of the USWNT and Sport...
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    “Tribute Tour put together in a very short time” This is my ‘favorite’ part…
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