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Yes, I have a football/soccer problem. In particular WoSo. USWNT, Arsenal Ladies, and Bayern M√ľnchen Frauen. The latter initially because they are *closest* to my home town, now because I become to like the team, players, and their long term approach.

So I send a complaint to US Soccer about them not broadcasting the USWNT game on December 8. I did get a reply and they will try to give me a ring later today. Any particular questions in addition to the obvious ones I should ask?

  1. saco44 answered: i did too - the y told me NO tv and live stream…period
  2. jarnormalchicken answered: Why do you hate America?
  3. retinueofintellectuals said: Why the refusal to stream the game online, if a television broadcast is not possible.
  4. geoffchaucer answered: Seeing as networks are not willing to show every USWNT match, how are they building TV support for the new women’s league?
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